About Me

Hello, All!

Thank you for stopping by my site! I am in my early twenties and love to read a variety of books when I can. Currently, I am in my Master’s program so I do not have an abundance of time to read stories. Books and online stories give me an escape from the happenings of the world. When I am not reading, I like to watch anime or watch older animated DC Comics television shows. I admire the ability of authors to create worlds and stories of their own, as I lack this ability. Getting to read a number of different stories is one of the delights in my life and I hope to share them with you all through reviews here. My tastes are extremely varied and can range anywhere from horror/ghost stories to coming of age stories. If there is objectionable content or triggers in the books I will be posting about here, then I will give a warning on the post (although I hope to avoid any books with sexual content).

Thank you again for coming by!