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About the Book

Book: Bear Knight

Author: James R. Hannibal

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release date: Febraury 14, 2023

Darkness Looms in the Dragon Lands

War is brewing. New threats have emerged in Keledev. The watchmen of Thousand Falls and the Windhold find goblin tunnels in the slopes of the mountain barrier that may hold many dangerous creatures. At the same time, scouting missions into the Dragon Lands confirm that the dragons are building an army of tortured Aladoth villagers to destroy the Liberated Land.

To protect Kara Orso, the young woman Connor and Lee rescued, the headmaster sends them to the Second Hall to face the intrigues of the Assembly in her place. Far to the south, the two cadets learn of an old weapon designed to end the war between the dragons and the Liberated Land forever. To restore the honor of his family and renew the hope of his people, Connor believes he must find the weapon and use it to destroy the dragon leader.

While Connor, Lee, and an assemblyman’s daughter scour the Dragon Lands for the weapon, Kara and Tiran are drawn north into the Forest of Horrors on a mission of their own—to find and save one tortured man. To succeed, both parties must face their fears and lean on the peace and strength of the Rescuer.

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About the Author

As a former fighter pilot, stealth pilot, and tactical deception officer, James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. He is the award-winning author of thrillers, mysteries, and fantasies for adults and children, and he is the developer of Lightraider Academy games. As a pastor’s kid in Colorado Springs, he guinea-pigged every youth discipleship program of the 1980s, but the one that engaged him and shaped him most as a Christ-follower and Kingdom warrior was DragonRaid, by Dick Wulf—the genesis of the Lightraider world.

Read an Excerpt from the Book

Sireth held up a palm to stop Aaron’s next swings and inspected their work, then waved. “Swap sides. We must keep the cuts even, and yours are not quite as deep.”

Not quite as deep was a generous evaluation, and Aaron knew it, but this did not deter his next question. Chopping trees was one thing. Fighting was quite another. “Are you not concerned about keeping up with the younger watchmen in training and combat?”

“Older. Younger. My age and yours are not so different when you consider eternity. And as to combat”—the axe spun in each of Sireth’s hands before he landed his next blow—“I have some training. You forget, most in my generation had not yet come of age when the Assembly disbanded the Order. Many of us had planned to join—had played and practiced at it from the day we could hold a wooden sword. We spent our strongest years still practicing, in hopes it would reopen.”

“But it didn’t. Not until you had households and children of your own—grown children, at that.”

“I’m well aware.”

Right. His children. “When did your sehna and behlna take on the initiate’s quest?”

“The very first class.”

The power went out of Aaron’s swing. Sireth Yar. Teegan and Tiran. How had he failed to put those names together? “They helped close the dragon’s portal. They stopped the invasion.”

“For now.”

“I take it you share the Order’s concern. If the dragons can open one portal, they can open others.”

Sireth shot a look at Aaron’s idle axe, and did not answer until Aaron had taken the cue and started chopping again. “That is why we are here, is it not? Last year, one dragon moved ore creatures and goblins to our side of the barrier. A host of dragons might send an army. The Lightraider Order believes that is their plan. My own sehna and behlna saw the preparations.”

An army. The preparations. Aaron let the words settle into his thoughts. He’d come to the barrier for adventure and because the old men of his village had spoken of honor and need. But had he truly considered the cost of his calling? Looking north, he pictured orcs, trolls, and all manner of dragon corruptions rushing down the slopes.

“You all right?”

“Hm? Oh yes.” Aaron resumed his swings. “Do you worry? About your sehna and behlna, I mean.” He looked northeast toward the Order’s fortress at Ras Telesar. “Up there, at the academy.”

“They’re in the Maker’s hands.” Sireth raised two fingers to signal Aaron to still his axe. “Ras Telesar may be higher up the barrier, but it’s still here, in Keledev, under the Rescuer’s protection.”

With a sharp crack, the trunk gave. Aaron found himself yanked over to Sireth’s side. The heaviest part of the pine smashed down right where he’d been standing. Sireth released him and patted his chest. “I’d say my children are as safe as you are.”


            I can’t say how much I loved this book! It was amazing, just like the first one. It was so fun to see how the characters changed from the adventures they experienced in the previous book. The growth they had in their faith was such an amazing way to portray how trials should affect our faith in the Lord. The story flowed so well and I had to keep reading to find out how things were going to end. This story does have quite a few characters but I did not feel lost at a single point in who the section was focusing on. The trials each character faced were relatable and really made me feel connected to them. I loved the themes presented throughout the story because I think it is a great way to express to a younger audience the challenges facing believers when speaking with those who are not saved. It wonderfully demonstrated the love and compassion we should have for them rather than feeling anger or hatred.

            One of my favorite aspects of this series is the faith element the author is able to weave and has crafted to be a fundamental part of how the characters face their challenges. The usage of prayer and Scripture are so inspiring and to see the cadets lean on their Savior to work His will, even if they do not see how it will benefit them at the time, is a wonderful reminder of how we should be resting in God’s sovereignty. Honestly, I could go on and on about this series because I think it is so amazing. For parents, if they read it with their children, it provides a wonderful opportunity to open the chance for discussions on deep matters of the faith. I would highly recommend it for all!

Warning: As I stated above, I think this would be a great series for parents to read with their kids but there are some elements that some parents might want to be aware of before reading. There are magical elements to the story: the dragons look through their creatures eyes and speak into the minds of others. There is also some sorcery used and evil creatures who take the appearances of ghosts. These are all, however, shown to be evil and against the teachings of their Rescuer (the God figure of the allegory). In the author’s note at the end, it is clearly stated that the Lightraiders do not use magic and they are relying on the Rescuer in His power. Due to this distinction, I still think this series would be wonderful for all children to read. There is also violence but it is not glorified or graphic.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.

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