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About the Book

Book:  Wolf Soldier

Author: James R. Hannibal

Genre: YA Fantasy

Release date: October 26, 2021

The fate of the Dragon Lands are at play.

The knights of the Lightraider Order disappeared nearly two generations past. Now, the Keledan have withdrawn behind their barriers, and the Dragon Lands of bordering Tanelethar are overrun with dark oppression. The people are living in disobedience to the Rescuer who freed them long ago.

A shepherd boy, Connor Enarian, and four young initiates rekindle the fires of the Lightraider Order in the hope of striking out across the mountains into Tanelethar to destroy a portal and stop an impending invasion.

Once in the Dragon Lands, Connor learns that the key to success lies with a missing Lightraider spy and his lifelong companion, a talking silver wolf. Can Connor and his friends find the spy before the portal grows too large to destroy? Or will a local young woman—or Connor’s own family history—betray them?

The dangers and secrets of Tanelethar test both trust and loyalty, and to save his homeland, Connor may have to sacrifice his innermost dreams.

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            Okay, I love dragons. They are my favorite mythical creature and I have a ton of dragon regalia. When I saw this book had dragons and wolves, I knew I had to read it. Let me just say, I loved this book! It did not disappoint in any way whatsoever. I have already read this book twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time as I did the first time. The faith element was so strong and the allegory was expertly woven into the story to make faith the foundation for all the actions taken in this book. It was beautiful and really brought the truths of the Bible to the forefront. The characters were also amazing! I was immediately invested in their training and mission and rooted for them the whole way through the book. Connor was an amazing lead character because he grew so much throughout the course of the story. His character growth was so believable and his friendships with the other cadets was strong and helped shape who he became through their shared trials and goals.

            The allegory was amazing and well-presented through the learnings the cadets undertake, along with the sharing with an unsaved person. I, personally, would have enjoyed more emphasis on the Rescuer’s (God’s) renewing of the soul rather than the emphasis on the human’s acceptance but it was still beautiful and did speak of how the Rescuer is the one to save by changing the person. This did not detract from my enjoyment of the book at all, though. The armor of the lightraiders reflecting the Christian’s armor detailed in Ephesians 6 was also a great way to tie in the Biblical theme. The reliance on the Rescuer and having faith and trust in Him and His plans was written so well and it will help young teens to understand trusting in the Lord. I loved this book more than I can describe here. I think anyone who enjoys fantasy will love this book and return to read it again and again. I know I will! I feel like I can’t do it justice because it was that good.

Warning: There is elements of sorcery in this book. The dragon can see through the eyes of its goblin soldiers and grant them the power of telepathy, which it uses itself. There is also the use of runes on the skin of the ore creatures and a building. These things are portrayed as evil. The magic is described as a twisting of the Rescuer’s gifts and are not glorified in any manner but the magic is condemned. I was not bothered by the magical elements in the story but I know some parents may be cautious of it. I would encourage parents to examine the book for themselves if they hold this conviction and decide for themselves how comfortable they are with it. There are also some scenes of violence but it is not graphic and not glorified.  I believe it is a great book that has many important lessons in an easy-to-read format and the magic is not the main focus of the book. I just wanted parents to be aware of this possible area of concern.

Thank you so much for reading my review! I can’t say enough good things about this book. It is definitely at the very top of my list if not my favorite of the whole year!

This book was provided through Celebrate Lit, the publisher and author for me to read. The opinions expressed are my own thoughts.

About the Author

Former stealth pilot James R. Hannibal is no stranger to secrets and adventure. He has been shot at, locked up by surface to air missiles, has hunted insurgents with drones, and was once chased by an armed terrorist down a winding German road. James is the Carol Award winning author of the Clandestine Service series and a three-time winner of the Silver Falchion Award for Juvenile Fiction for his Section 13 series.

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Wolf Soldier: Origins

Did you know Wolf Soldier is set in a fantasy world created for a 1980s tabletop game? DragonRaid was an “adventure learning system” designed by Navigators author Dick Wulf. It used elements of choose-your-adventure stories and roleplaying games to teach Scripture memory and application. The game immersed players in the fantasy world of EdenAgain, where their hero characters applied Scripture to solve puzzles and battle “dark creatures.” Using God’s word in these allegorical challenges engaged the mind to increase understanding and retention.

I was one of the DragonRaid’s teenage fans. But the game vanished after only three years, buried by a ranting televangelist who created a campaign against it in a failed attempt to distract the world from his nefarious activities. Even worse, when the game vanished, it left us all on a cliffhanger—The Moonbridge Raid Campaign, Part One of Three.

Years later, with budding teens of my own, I sought out an old boxed set.  When we ran out of the original stories, I wrote some of my own, and after playing these new stories with my little group, I sent them to the man who’d sold me the box. He sent them on to Dick Wulf, the original creator of the game.

Long story short: Dick, who had been given only a short time to live, asked me to take over the fantasy world and carry the game forward under the banner Lightraiders, including the task of novelizing the world.

That’s where Wolf Soldier came from. And I’m so excited to see where the characters and the Lightraider Order will take us. Dick went home to Heaven on July 6, 2021, but you can find the encouragement of his foreword inside Wolf Soldier.

By the way, I didn’t forget about the cliffhanger. Before turning in the novel, I completed Parts Two and Three of the Moonbridge Raid Campaign using drafts Dick Wulf wrote. Funded by a donor, our burgeoning Lightraiders game company matched the grand style of the original 1980s adventure guidebook, maps and all. Whew! What a relief to finally scratch that 35-year itch!

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