Collision Course Epic Book Launch and Excerpt!

About the Book

Book Title: Collision Course

Author Name: Millie Inman

Genre: Historical Fiction

Release Date: October 19, 2023

The shocking death of the popular Prince of Wales launches his young heir from innocent childhood into a roiling caldron of political jealousy and intrigue. Set in all the glory of mid-eighteenth century England, the child prince is urgently prepared for his estranged grandfather’s throne. Under the wing of his godly tutor-advisor, the youth staggers through an escalating minefield of hazards.
Juxtaposed with the prince’s story, is the life of a down-and-out firebrand statesman considering retirement from public service, including the House of Commons because he’s under the king’s fervent disfavor. As rumors of coup d’etat swirl around the prince, an alliance between the youth and the flagging Member of Parliament (MP) secures hope of a safe ascension. The alliance also catapults the prince’s gentle advisor and the seasoned statesman MP into the two most powerful men in Great Britain. One controls the next king. The other controls Parliament. Then, in the face of escalating war, a shocking twist changes everything.
Collision Course shatters clichés as it treks through England’s finest gardens and dines with kings and statesmen, all the while peering into the universal nature of the human soul and the heartbeat of corrupted constitutional government. This is the true, untold story of alliance, ambition, betrayal, loss, and recovery that set the world stage for the American Revolution.

Book Excerpt

Gasping, he struggled to sit up, but his eyes refused to open. Please, God! I’ve repented. He was struggling again. He lifted his head and cried out that death was upon him. He sank back and felt strong arms holding him up. Pain was washing away in warm lapping waters; the shivers left. Fears rippled off. An angel was lifting him toward astounding light.

Horace Walpole, London’s most accomplished gossip, regretted missing the momentous occasion of a death in the court. He deserved to be there if anyone did. His own late father had been the king’s first and favorite minister. King George II and Queen Caroline adored his father. Why, the king had bounced Horace on his knee while the three of them ruled England. Growing up a court insider, Horace was always on the hunt for juicy royal morsels. It was in his nature. The slightest whiff of scandal made him salivate. And Horace had a vivid imagination for filling in the blanks. He never let absence interfere with all the sordid details.

He told his colleagues the Prince of Wales had grown very hot while attending the king to the House of Lords on March 12.

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