Moving to the Peaceable Author Interview & Giveaway!

About the Book

Book: MOVING to The Peaceable

Author: Grami McAdoo (Caryl McAdoo)

Genre: Children’s Animals Picture Book

Release Date: December 22, 2022

Moving can be hard for any age, but the wise old hens might make it easier for the little ones in your life! Follow their journey!Click here to get your copy!

About the Author

Award-winning, Christian author Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory. Of her best-selling novels, readers love her historical Christian romance family sagas most, but also enjoy their contemporary cousins, Caryl’s Biblical fiction, her new historical mystery series, and tales for young adults and mid-grade booklovers. The majority of reviewers award her stories five-stars and praise Caryl’s writing style and the depth of her characters, feeling as though they get to know them well.

The prolific writer loves singing the new songs God gives her almost as much as penning new novels—hear a few at YouTube! She’s been married to Ron fifty-four years, and they share four children and twenty-four grandsugars. The McAdoos live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.

More from Caryl

This is the story of how I became a Chicken Lady from start but not the finish! I have two more “chicken”! books planned based all on the true story! Before we had “backyard birds”—except mine are also front and side yard!—I called our back in the woods twenty acres in Red River County The Peaceable. After the chickens, I added “Farm & Bookery”.

My husband of fifty-five years Ron and I now incubate purebred chicks and raise them to laying age—usually four to five months—then sell them. We both love being around our flock, and the supplemental income is nice as well. They grow so fast; watching them is both so much fun and also relaxing!

I know each hen and rooster by name, and they all are so affectionate! They come running whenever I head out the door (mostly because they want to see if I brought any food! ) I love thinking about what they are saying to each other with all their clucking and purring and cackling!

This is why the books are partially written from the hens’ point of view as our first animals’ series, The River Bottom Ranch Stories featuring horses and goats and dogs among other wild animal characters. And all those farm animals were real ones that we owned and loved, too—like the chickens!

This series ‘Grami’s Stories for Children’ also has a narrator’s story throughout, and that’s me, Grami McAdoo! I talk to the children through a few pages full of dialogue to teach them about poultry and things of God. In MOVING to the Peaceable, I talk about changes and how they can be scary, but God is always with us wherever we go.

The illustrations are photographs of our real chickens and The Peaceable Farm & Bookery. In the back of the book, there are a few pages of “Chicken Terminology” and fun “Chicken Facts” to teach the little ones more about the wonderful world of chickens!

I pray they will love the story and be blessed by it!

About the Author

  • How did you come up with the title for your book?

This is my first children’s picture book. A friend gave me a flock of older hens when she moved and the story is about MOVING To The Peaceable, so easy peasy! That’s what I named it. The idea for children is how moving can be a little scary with a new place and new friends, leaving the familiar. I wanted the story to put those with a move in their future at ease about the process.

  • What’s your favorite writing snack, drink, and/or music?
    If it’s early, I have a cup of black coffee on my desk. Later in the day, I switch to iced ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar—organic with the “mother”) water with a splash of sweet flavor. I don’t usually snack at the computer. Husband Ron and I eat three meals a day at the table and play a game of Quirkle while we eat.  
  • What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?

“Sit yourself in the chair and do it!” I write most every morning about a thousand words a day, and they add up!

  • Do you participate in writing challenges on social media? Why or why not?

Not usually because of time constraints. I only have so many hours to spend in front of the computer every day.

  • Is your writing space pristine or organized chaos?

Oh, how I would love to say pristine, but alas, I have stacks of unorganized papers all around me. I’m terrible about jotting down notes (numbers to remember, errors that need fixing, recipes, and the like on any blank paper I see or can get my hands on—used envelopes, old datebook pages, index cards (my husband uses those and brings me notes on them; I turn them over to the blank side 😊). I keep folders in the drawer to my left that say TODAY, TOMORROW, WHENEVER, but I think it’s been more than a year since I’ve put anything in them, maybe longer.

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