Secrets of the Wildflowers Author Interview & Giveaway!

About the Book

Book: Secrets of the Wildflowers

Author: Sarah Talbert

Genre: Historical Fiction/Biblical Fiction

Release date: April 30, 2024

In the heart of ancient Ur, where the gods cast shadows and tradition weaves the fabric of life, Secrets of the Wildflowers unfolds the captivating tale of Miu, a spirited young woman determined to bloom amid the constraints of her culture, family, and the ancient deities that hold sway.

When tragedy strikes, and her beloved brother becomes a sacrifice to the gods, Miu embarks on a courageous journey to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and unearth her true purpose. Inspired by the resilient wildflowers that thrive against all odds, Miu is driven to forge her own path and create a name for herself.

As Miu navigates running her own tavern, friendship with an unlikely courier, and supporting an abandoned child, she finds herself crossing paths with Abram, a figure of significance from the Bible. In their encounters, Abram imparts profound wisdom, revealing that, like the wildflowers, Miu is created to be unique. Yet, he guides her to embrace the very boundaries that enable her to flourish.


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About the Author

Sarah Talbert, a devoted storyteller and explorer of faith, employs her creative writing to inspire spiritual growth. Through historical fiction and other writings, she shares compelling narratives aimed at deepening readers’ connections with Jesus. Sarah cultivates community through discipleship, hospitality, and storytelling, alongside managing a copywriting business that amplifies the voices of other enterprises.


More from Sarah

Secrets of the Wildflowers: Comparing the Ancient Near Eastern Gods with Yahweh

In the ancient civilizations of the Near East, people had a fascinating relationship with their gods. They earnestly sought the blessings of the gods, such as prosperity, reputation, and fertility, but the interactions were often unpredictable. Prayers and offerings were done with a sense of expectation, but people were always aware of the capricious whims of the gods.

When examining the relationship between humans, the gods of the Ancient Near East, and Yahweh, there are two key points to consider:

-Fragile Relationships with the Gods:

Did you know that in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, people believed that the gods held power over every aspect of their lives? They turned to their gods for blessings and protection, whether it was for a great harvest or a happy family.

The main reason behind writing “Secrets of the Wildflowers” was to compare and contrast the gods of Miu’s time (the main character) with Yahweh. Miu faces difficulty dealing with the unpredictable nature of the gods while also desiring to pursue her own path, but also needing the blessings of the gods.

-Yahweh’s Guidance and Certainty:

Enter Yahweh, the God of Abram, who presented an unmistakable difference from the uncertain association between humans and the gods in the Ancient Near East. Instead of leaving humanity to figure out the fickle nature of the gods’ goodwill on their own, Yahweh intervened in a significant manner.

Miu eventually discovers that Yahweh wants a relationship with her. He has pursued her from the beginning of the story. She just needs to learn if she wants to bloom free like a wildflower, or if she wants to follow him.

By following Yahweh’s laws, Abram and his people found peace, prosperity, and a divine relationship with God. Obeying His commands blessed them with divine favor and the assurance of His presence.

In conclusion, Miu and everyone she encounters must come face to face with a god who is unlike anything they’ve ever heard of. After losing and redefining freedom, Miu discovers that true freedom is found in working together with others and utilizing her God-given skills within a relationship with a loving God.

Author Interview

  • What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

The main reason behind writing “Secrets of the Wildflowers” was to compare and contrast the gods of Miu’s time (the main character) with Yahweh. What I discovered during this journey was that all cultures have creation stories. Many of them have flood stories that are similar to ours. I wanted to compare how other culture’s stories always have gods that are unpredictable and hateful towards people, but Yahweh was personal and loving. I was fascinated by the differences in the same story.

  • How do you overcome writer’s block? Do you have any advice for others in finding their process to overcome it?

When I wrote “Secrets of the Wildflowers,” I went through writer’s block. I tried researching how to get over it. And for small struggles with writer’s block, those tips worked. Things like: doing something fun or inspirational, going for a walk, or writing something different. But I think writer’s block is part of the process. I think we all go through it. Trusting that God started the idea and the creative work in me, meant I needed to trust he’d also give me the next steps for writing. So, I did all the things Google suggested while also praying and waiting for the block to go away.

  • Do you read the genre you write? Why or why not?

I do. I rarely read outside of historical fiction. Since I was a little girl I’ve always been curious with the older generation. I think there’s valuable wisdom in learning how people before us have grown but also how they failed. I also love being transported to a different time. Who doesn’t love a book where you can escape to another world?

  • What’s your favorite writing snack, drink, and/or music?

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that my favorite place to write is a local coffee shop that’s on the water. My favorite drink is black drip coffee. The coffee shop also sells different types of toast, my favorite being a hummus toast loaded with cucumbers and tomatoes. My favorite music to listen to while write is Jazz, Ron Carter or John Coltrane to be exact.

  • What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?

I’ve read many times that Francine Rivers starts a new novel with a new question she’s wrestling with in her faith. I think this does a few valuable things for writing. One is it helps you stay focused on Jesus. You can wrestle with your faith and work it out through character development. I also think writing a book with a question in mind allows you to be true to your writing. You’re not writing with a finger pointed at something you see wrong in the world. Writing your book with your own question to answer keeps you humble.

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