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About the Book

Book: Shadowed Doubt

Author: Kathleen J. Robison

Genre: Christian Romantic Suspense

Release Date: June 13, 2023

Is street smart enough to save a life and protect a family?

Finally recovering after the abduction of her mother by a human trafficking ring and the mysterious death of her father years ago, Lacey Thompson wants to live again. But things aren’t panning out. Exclusion from Fashion Design School leaves Lacey nursing rejection when a young stranger shows up in Bay Town. He’s brash but beautiful, and Lacey senses she shouldn’t get involved, but she can’t help it.

Wade Bodine Gardner is heir to Gardner Hotel Enterprises. As a long-lost family member discovered on the streets of New Orleans, Wade is living a second chance. Life is good, especially when he meets Lacey Thompson. But his past comes back to haunt him. The man who raised him is released from jail…the man who killed his mother. Beau Bodine wants a piece of the action and will stop at nothing to get Wade’s inheritance. Stalking Lacey is his first plan of action. How far will Beau go?

Instead of fighting their battles together, Lacey and Wade battle each other. Will Lacey draw on what got her through before? Can Wade learn to trust God and Lacey? It’s a race against time to save those whom he loves.

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About the Author

Kathleen is an Okinawan-American. Born in Okinawa, raised in California, Florida, Mississippi, and Singapore. Her travels lend themselves to the settings in her books, and her large family provides fun fodder for her characters. She and her Pastor husband have eight adult children. Seven are married, blessing them with sixteen grandchildren, and more on the way! Her ethnically diverse family of 33 plus personalities presents many opportunities to write about God’s amazing love amid trials, tragedies, and blessings. He is the one true inspiration and hope for us all.

More from Kathleen

Writing Shadowed Doubt took a different turn than my other books. I began writing a story about Lacey, Melanie Thompson’s young daughter. But since I write Romantic Suspense, she had to be old enough to be romanced! My husband says that would be age thirty for our youngest daughter, and he’s only half kidding.

But if you read the prequel, Revived Hope, and Book One, Shattered Guilt, you have a complete sketch of this delightful young girl. You don’t have to read those to enjoy Shadowed Doubt, but I hope you will. I think you’ll enjoy the small-town community of characters. Still, like all the Bay Town Series books, I aspire to make them stand-alone, and this book is no different. So you’ll meet Lacey as a young adult, ready to tackle the world.

I have three grown daughters (and five married sons), so watching them grow in their faith, and navigate college, relationships, and marriage, helped me to write Shadowed Doubt and Lacey’s story. Except for the fictional trauma in this story, I portrayed real-life heartache and doubts about what young women experience as they grow up in their faith in our almighty, sovereign God. Even those raised in a loving Christian home struggle with life, especially in today’s dark world. The important thing is to never give up. The Bible calls it perseverance. Trusting in our risen Savior for all things, even things out of our reach, until He gives a clear no.

Doubting is a big part of life. Wouldn’t you agree? We question ourselves, our family, friends and especially every life choices. But as a Christian, doubting God is the most difficult to admit. Without voicing those words out loud, I sometimes doubt that my prayers will be answered in the affirmative. In this book, Lacey definitely experienced this. She often felt like a yo-yo. It’s a lesson her love interest, Wade, also shared. His difficulty? He grew up in a very broken home and on the streets.

Relying on a solid foundation, Lacey trusted in God’s sovereignty and wanted His will above her desires. Something she also prayed for Wade, but sometimes she prayed, not really believing herself worthy of God’s best. But that’s the enemy at work. With spiritual mentors, Lacey came back around, knowing with all her mind and heart that she was worthy because of Jesus’ sacrifice. That she had no doubt. I pray that when doubts arise in your heart, you’ll go straight to God’s Word and be reminded of His height, depth, width and breadth of His love for you. It’s what Shadowed Doubt is all about.

Author Interview

  • Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I love this question. My reader friends email or message me with thanks for the encouragement they’ve received from my books or newsletter, or blog posts. I sometimes receive a card by way of snail mail, which is also a real treat. Our glorious God receives honor for any good that comes from my writing, and I’m so thankful when reader friends recognize this. Whether it’s a natural part of their lives to find Christ in everything or an “aha” moment that came from inspired writing. My favorite came from a reader friend that had never contemplated living life entirely through the lens of scripture. Devoting her thoughts, words, and actions to God’s glory came as a revelation through one of my first books. Needless to say, I cried with joy! Another reader shared how she saw herself as the wild and crazy main character, and the redemption story moved her to tears praising God for her life. This is why I write, hoping the Lord will change lives through me.

  • Who is the author you most admire in your genre?

My genre? It’s funny because I had an interview with the amazing author, Chautona Havig. She said my books were like Women’s Fiction because of the solid characters but not because of the emphasis on suspense. So although I write Romantic Suspense, I read a lot of Historical Fiction. But I do admire suspense authors Terri Blackstock, Irene Hannon, and Colleen Coble, and I study them when I get the chance. They definitely weave page-turners, but sometimes I skim to get to the suspense. I’m not wholly connected with the characters, but I immensely like their stories. That’s why I love to read historical fiction, where I fall in love with the rich characters, but a good suspense plot is woven throughout. Jocelyn Green and Julie Klassen create marvelous characters that I connect with yet weave a tale with suspenseful elements as well.

  • How did you come up with the title of your book?

With Shadowed Doubt, it came after I was almost finished. But, I admit, I’m a little OCD in this. I have a pattern for the Bay Town Book Series that I’ve never revealed! So here you get it first. Revived Hope, Shattered Guilt, Restored Grace, Shadowed Doubt…do you see the pattern? It’s what my MC is struggling with that dictates, then I’m alternating between verbs beginning with R and S. Books Four and Five follow suit, but you’ll have to wait for those. Crazy huh? My other book titles, Bay Town Fruitcake, Mistletoe Village, and The Cross at Morioka Castle, relate to location. Essential Ingredients, my first little novella, was a play on words…cooking and Christ. All fun.

  • What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?

Funny, you should ask. I have an outline for a non-fiction book regarding this topic. But when I first got serious about writing and publishing, my writer sister told me to join a critique group. Easier said than done. I was scared to death but stepped out of my comfort zone with the Lord’s strength. All my myself! I’m grateful for my sister’s advice. The best ever, first and foremost. I tried a few groups before I settled on two. One secular and one Christian. The secular group has been instrumental in encouraging me from the very beginning. I met my publisher via the Christian group and am off and running on this writing journey. That phrase, “no man is an island,” couldn’t apply more appropriately to writers. We need other writers. There is no getting around that. I know how difficult it is to put your work out there, but I’ve found groups to be safe, encouraging, and inviting. After all, you have something to add to help other writers too. Serving one another. That’s biblical, isn’t it?

  • Do you participate in writing challenges on social media? Why or why not?

Oh yes! I’m a massive fan of Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month, and so grateful for the organization. Ten years ago, two of my boys challenged me to join when I started writing for fun. They dabble in writing as well. The goal is to write at least 50,000 words in November. That first year, I beat them both! None of us came close to the 50K mark, but I’ve hit it for the last ten years. I love setting my writing goal of 2000 words daily and posting it on the Nano website. I have 20 books in various stages of published, finished, or drafts because of Nanowrimo. I also participate in the Camp Nanowrimo April and July challenges. They have in-person write-ins during the months, but I prefer writing alone and sharing on the site. It’s so fun and motivating. I’m encouraged by seeing others get their writing counts up. We’re all in this together.

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