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About the Book

Book: The Crooked Daughter

Author: D.M. Griffin

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Release date: March 28, 2024

Choices her father made before she was even born reached a bony finger into her life, clouding her future with hopelessness. Her father’s cold heart had no room for her. He easily cast her aside when the Law permitted it. Defined as an outcast because of a physical infirmity, Priscilla was told death was her destiny. Despite the limited perspective brought about by years of adversity, Priscilla fought to keep hope alive and wait for the Lord’s timing.

Aquila lost his father at the most critical time in his life. Battling against grief and bitterness, Aquila uncovers a secret about his father’s death that undermines his faith in a religious system that once defined him. Driven from his homeland, Aquila becomes someone he no longer recognizes.

Two people whose perspectives are skewed by adversity become divinely intertwined in mysterious ways. As they wait upon the Lord for His timing, would Priscilla and Aquila ever find the truth that would lift their eyes to the hills so they could see the purpose of life, not only between a man and a woman but between God and His creation? A poignant story about how God uses adversity for good in the lives of those who truly love and trust Him.


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About the Author

D.M. Griffin is the author of several Biblical Fiction novels as well as devotionals, prayer journals, and Bible studies. She will be releasing a Christian Fantasy series in 2025. She currently resides in Northern California with her husband. They met in middle school a few days after she was transplanted to the West Coast at the tender age of twelve. She has three adult children who have been an endless source of delight and inspiration. She also has a precious new grandchild who brings her joy.

As a native New England girl, she fondly remembers spending her summers there as a child. Thick accents, small towns, and fascinating weather stirred the imagination of a young heart. She has always had a fondness for stories thanks to her imaginative mother who would make up wild, adventurous tales to tell when tucking her into bed as a child.

She truly believes that a book that sits on a shelf unread is like a planted seed that never blossoms. Nothing delights her more than sharing a story.

More from D.M.

My inspiration for writing The Crooked Daughter is multi-faceted. First of all, I was intrigued by the unnamed characters in the Bible who had a single extraordinary encounter with Jesus. The woman who was bent over for eighteen years was one of the four that I selected for The Encounter Series.

Though there were few verses dedicated to this woman, I felt the deeper pull of a story tucked inside the folds of those verses describing Jesus healing her on the Sabbath. I wondered what her story was. What led her there that day? Did she go searching for Him or did Jesus pick her out of the crowd?

Reading that the woman was in that condition for eighteen years is worthy of pondering. I think a lot of times when we read Scripture, we miss the impact of time’s passage. As someone who has suffered from back pain for many years, I could relate to the crooked woman’s story. Eighteen years is a long time to be bent over. The longest I had to remain in a bent position was three weeks. It is extremely difficult to move through the world when the only thing you can see is the ground. Pain is bad enough to endure. Pain for eighteen years must have been excruciating. I know when I am in pain my mood and attitude definitely need adjustment. I would have been a monster after eighteen years!

Developing Priscilla’s character challenged me as a writer. As someone who suffered an early rejection in life only to endure physical infirmity on her own, I didn’t want her to become embittered the way most would after enduring such a trial. There was a delicate balance between lamenting her fate and holding onto hope as it slipped away. Therefore, I introduced the playful, furry character – a dog named Patch.

Aquila’s character was complex and layered. While he was physically able-bodied, his heart was agonizing with grief, responsibility, and disillusioned faith. He was a man who could stand straight even while his soul was bent over.

I have always been intrigued by Aquila and Priscilla in the Bible. As an inspirational couple who served the Lord together, I enjoyed weaving the threads of their story into the fictional account about the crooked woman. I believe that love soothes the wounds of suffering. Falling in love straightens the crooked perspectives of circumstances. Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story that culminates in a strong, enviable marriage?

In The Crooked Daughter, the main character’s condition is symbolic of the political climate of those days. The religious leaders were the ones who were bent over, their perspective about God’s acceptance of people horribly skewed under the heaviness of pride. They could not lift their eyes to the heavens to recognize the Messiah in their midst. Their hearts were hunched under the weight of selfish ambition and prejudicial attitudes. Condemnation was the chain that kept them bound, unable to see the horizon of eternity.

Physical infirmities are horrible to endure. Even worse are the infirmities of the soul. So many things can truly bend us away from God – rejection, selfishness, anger, grief, regret. Thankfully, Jesus is more than a healer. He is our Savior. I truly enjoyed exploring these themes throughout The Crooked Daughter. I hope that readers come away from the story with hope as an anchor for hard times. God truly uses all things for good when we trust in His plan.

Author Interview

  • What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

My takeaway from writing The Crooked Daughter is that God works all things for good in His timing. Patience is a difficult trait to master. Patience during a trial, especially one that lasts for years, is truly challenging. Only hope can anchor the soul in such a way that patience is cultivated for the glory of God. I was surprised at how impactful the story’s message was to me as I wrote it. No one is immune to trials in life. How we adjust our attitudes regarding trials makes all the difference, not only to those going through the trial but to those watching how we handle it.

  • Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Getting feedback from readers is so important. I cherish those who take the time to let me know how a story I wrote impacted them. Some of the things my readers say –

  1. If you are anything like me and love a good Biblical Fiction book with some spiritual warfare mixed in, then I would highly recommend “The Crumbs off Heaven’s Table” by D.M. Griffin. The story is taken from the Bible about the unnamed Canaanite woman who asked Jesus for healing of her demon-possessed daughter. It is found in Matthew 15 21-28 in the Bible. The author gave this lady of great faith a name and made this a very interesting story by adding elements of her imagination to give it a very different idea on what possibly could have happened to this woman, where the Word of God left the unimportant details unanswered about her life.
  2. Each novella was full of imaginative surprises woven in heart-wrenching and heart-warming storytelling. When the last line of the last novella of ‘The Winds of Ruach’ was read I felt a warm love for reverence in the storytelling while sad that it was over.
  3. I loved this book! I got so swept up in Ruth’s story and all that she was able to overcome. It is a tale of enduring strength. As always, this author does not disappoint. I enjoyed this story so much. The author transports you back to biblical days as you share the journey of characters who seem to have immortal souls.
  4. This is one of my favorite books by D.M. Griffin. I love the character development of the main characters in The Torn Veil. The Biblical characters come to life in interesting ways. I also love seeing recurring characters in the various books she has written. I’d recommend these Biblical historical fiction books to all who are interested in the Biblical characters and imagining what their lives were like.
  • How do you overcome writer’s block? Do you have any advice for others in finding their process to overcome it?

In overcoming writer’s block, I find it helpful to pray and meditate on Scripture. I also find it helpful to read books by authors I love. Inspiration comes when you least expect it. Sometimes I get inspired at inconvenient times. I have learned that responding to the promptings quickly is the best cure for writer’s block. I always keep my phone notes open for that reason. Typing ideas into my phone is not a preference but I am glad to use it as a tool at the ready should inspiration strike.

  • What is the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given about writing?

The most valuable piece of advice I have been given about writing is: Don’t give up. Writing is a process that transforms the writer as well as the reader if it is done right. I am easily discouraged. So that advice has helped me push beyond the obstacles created by my frustrations. It is also extremely valuable when completing an especially long series.

  • Is your writing space pristine or organized chaos?

My writing space is a soft, cushy chair in the corner with a side table for tea and a foot massager for my feet. My research books are in a compartment under the table. My laptop snuggles nicely into a lap desk that fits between the arms of the chair. Not exactly pristine, but definitely cozy and comfortable. I dream of having an actual writing space one day that is set apart exclusively for writing.

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